All treatments are tailored to individual cases, however here is a guide for pricing and services available

Massage and Re-habilitation

Free consultation which includes a static and dynamic assessment, sometimes it’s beneficial to see the horse ridden.

I will then give your horse a full body massage using various techniques to help loosen up fascia and help relax sore and tight muscles.

I may also back up my techniques by phototherapy and therapeutic ultrasound both will help get deeper into the muscle, tendon or ligament..

To all my first clients I bring a bag of carrots so I can demonstrate some stretches which will help keep your horse supple and we can go through some ground work which will help improve posture and balance.

1 hour 30 minutes and over  £60

Stretching and pole work for your horse

We will go through some massage moves you can practice on your horse, beneficial stretches to improve range of movement and suppleness and pole work to help keep your horse well balanced and in the correct posture.

Starts from 1 hour £40

Ultrasound and Photo therapy

This is more for tendon and ligament treatment. Once a full consultation has been carried out I can offer further shorter ongoing treatments.

I may also hire out my equipment to you.

30 mins £50

Winter Special for Horse & Rider

Winter special horse and rider massage £75 for both. Second treatment preferred in the same week, fully insured for both horse and humans. 10-15 miles radius of Whitstable Kent.

Relaxing massage for humans, with or without aromatherapy oils, in the comfort of your own home . Your horse or pony will benefit from a full static / dynamic assessment, before being treated. Treatments can involve massaging, LED light therapy or pole work. I’ll also provide you with ongoing massage moves or stretches that you can continue with your horse.

Two sessions – One with horse and one with rider £75