Conformation Observation

Have you ever dismounted your horse and felt your back is a little achy or have pain in your hip?

In a particular case I saw a horse that had high heel/ low heel syndrome. As we look at the horse’s asymmetry, we can see it affects the whole body.

This can happen at very early stage; as young as foal playing around in the paddock/field. It can, of course, be born with poor conformation.

We are not totally sure of this horse’s history so this is just to show you my findings and share it.

As we look the pasterns on the right ( horse’s left ) they are slightly shorter. Her eyes are not equal and this also has an effect on how the saddle fits.

Poor confirmation can be manipulated between 0-6 months. This is one of our foals that was born very over at the knee and up in the pasterns. Over a short period of time we were able to straighten him out.

So it is better if we catch it at early age but treatment to alleviate pain and muscle discomfort can be given at any age.